Tuesday, October 28, 2008

regards remmigton.

sorry for the MAJOR lack of posting laitly... i guess you could say i havent been inspired or moved, or any emotion to anything laitley. .. but im not here to complain.. cliche as it may sound, im actually very inspired by my closest friend, jessihuey. she's probably the most inspirational person i know. her originality is often reflected in her wardrobe, well more than often. i dont want to babble on about her b/c i just dont think my words could do her awesome flava, if you will, justice.. so thanks jessi, for giving me some spark of inspiration.. and also, i bought a fly skipper hat, so if you've any advice for what to wear with it, it'd be greatly appreciated.

-thanks c

Sunday, October 12, 2008


this is why im confused..

about myself and about life.

he makes me selfless... to me, people are like chemicals. or something. by themlves they are stable but when put together they react. or blow up. love more than people are like that. i feel i'm at a constant state of confusion. i know exactly what i want. but being around this person makes everything different. its true what they say. even though i thought it was all bullshit. i blinked and its sunday night. ill be waiting over a month to be all of me again. i compare a.s. to my nyc trips. they come around once in a while, and the whole time your there you know its going to be over but just for a little while you can pretend that is your life. the life you wake up thinking about that someday maby you can lucky enough to have it. dont we all deserve that? the life we think about when we wake up... like nyc, things around me, weather, drinks, people remind me of a.s. so for now i'll wait. forgetting the passion in the meantime but when he comes back i will pretend, if only for a little while, that i have the life i want. not just for a day.


Friday, October 3, 2008


weddings are weird. people comming to watch you make the biggest transition of your life. its weird seeing how happy smeone can be just because of another person...
so on another note:
i saw chicago last night and i was throughly impressed. the dancing was incredible and for the most part the vocals were too. i was slightly dissapointed with "Mama". i felt like her voice could have been more powerful considering the part she was playing. Melanie Waldron did a spectacular job with Velma Kelly. Her jazz style voice was captivating from the first word sang in "All That Jazz". For a touring show, this surpassed my expectations.

Monday, September 22, 2008


standing on a babyswing last friday night made me realize how much i miss fall.. the air has a different scent to it than summer. a better one. it makes me amibitious.. it reminds me of talent shows and musicals. ohh and i love fall clothes and hearing jessi rant on about the confusing spring collection of 2009 that actually comes out in fall 2008. explain that one to me.. geezzz. i do miss the freedom of summer but in a way i just hate summer. it gives you this fictional belief that things can be easy.. but who wants something you dont have to work for. i love starting fresh, although it often scares me.. okay off to the books. peace :]

Sunday, September 21, 2008


not to sound like a hp commercial, but i'm constantly looking for inpiration in everything. Im most often inspired by plays and movies, well mostly plays. I feel kind of lost when i'm not inspired. i suppose most people do. im also trying this thing where im not a bitch to everyone for no reason, i tend to do that alot.. but anywhoozer, im suuper excited for my photo shoot with Jessi Huey taken by Mary Miles. its been forever since the last. I love having my picture taken.. i pretty much love being in the spot light in general. it kills me knowing that someday i might not be on stage b/c my skill saddly doesnt match my passion. but im not here to complain. okay i have algebra 2 book calling my name so ima peace out.. oh yeah, here's a picture from a former Jessi Christy photo shoot. enjoi :]